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24 Stones

  Game Instructions:

This game will have you taxing your brain trying to figure it out, unlock your mind as you unlock the levels in this amazing and challenging game. Move the stone tiles around to set them in the right place; each tile only moves one place at a time. If the tile lands in the right spot you will see a yellow check mark appear on the tile to show you that it is correct.

In some of the higher levels you don't win until every stone is in its correct place. This game will test your puzzle skills to the max, and blow your mind. Hold your patience for a difficult game, start out with 8 stones and graduate up to 24 stones. Start out with a 3x3 puzzle and graduate up depending on your skill and expertise. Push your skills to the max and have fun with this interesting puzzle game.

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Puzzle games that are available for free online are many, but few games impress a great deal while a few are passable and some are so tough to solve that one is addicted to them, just to win it. Those who are known for their quick ideas to wriggle out of any puzzle questions, will meet their match when they start playing 24 Stone Puzzle game. This is an ultimate game that reminds one of Rubik's cube but only little tougher. At the outset, a person may feel that it is not difficult to crack, but once they start playing it, they find it very hard.

Short Description of 24 Stones Puzzle Game:
This game has a square play area consisting of 5x5 cubes. There are 24 stones in each cube leaving an empty cube for one to move these stones to find right position for each one of them. A stone can move only one place at a time, towards the empty cube. This is a mouse click based game that requires one to have good concentration levels and memory recalling skills. Unlike Rubik's cube, these stones are not color matched, but have different carvings. During the game, a stone's correct placement is indicated by marking that appears on stone, and is yellow in color. When all stones are moved to their correct places, player wins.

Use Calculations to Move into correct position and earn points:
One may have to devise a strategy once they memorize correct positions that are identified by chance when playing this puzzle game. They should take care to have enough space for mobility of all 24 stones. It happens often that a stone at the corner is misplaced and has correctly placed cubes all around it. This needs one to move correctly placed stones as well. At times, a game is stuck with only one cube in the wrong place. Points are awarded by taking into consideration, time taken to solve this puzzle and number of moves that were used. Lesser time and moves will obviously earn more points.

A lot of the drawing can be done freehand and you have a limited amount of ink to use from the bottom of the screen to create them and you cannot draw inside another object you've drawn. The circles are easier though; just hold the button and a circle enlarges around the pen. Use A on the keyboard and select a drawing to erase if you make a mistake.

What are 8, 15 and 24 Stone Levels:
People who have a winning streak all along in various puzzle games, may try 24 Stones, which is very difficult game. They may even start at 8 stones, which has 3x3 cube square area with 8 stones and a vacant cube to begin moving. Sometimes, winning at this stage also seems a far fetched dream with only one stone misplaced. 15 stones has a 4x4 cube area with 16 cubes. Sharp memory is basic necessity for this game. A person who can solve a Rubik's cube may not find it very difficult initially, but once they know that they cannot move a group of cubes together, they may have to apply different kind of tactics to solve this game.

Who should Play 24 Stones Puzzle Game:
People who think they are pretty good with analytical skills and natural with puzzles may try this game for free online. It is like a challenge left to be solved. Kids or adults anybody can try this game and learn a great deal from it.

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