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Alchemist is similar matching game to the timeless and beloved Tetris in some ways match the potion bottles to clear the board and win the game. Don't let the potion bottles or objects fill the screen or you will loose and have to start the game all over again.

Match bottle colors or objects of 3 or more to make them disappear, at certain score levels other elements like leaves, logs or fruit are introduced to the game. Use the arrows to maneuver your potion bottles or objects and win the game. Left/right arrows move you to the right or left. The up arrow rotates your potions and objects.

The down arrow will drop your potion bottle and objects into the position of your choice. Create groups of 3 or more adjacent potions or objects of the same type to destroy them and raise your score higher and win the game.

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This is a relaxed version of Tetris, with a number of different potions in bottles begin your first items to match up. The game essentially is to match three or more items together, if you do they disappear, or sometimes create a new one. Fresh potions appear at the top of the screen ready to fall, but what makes it more relaxing is that they do not drop as in Tetris but wait for your attention. This makes this an ideal game to play if you are worried about distraction, you can leave it and come back to it whenever you please. This does not detract from the game though; it is quite enjoyable having the time to work out which strategy you can use.

There is a limit when these potions fall though, they can only sit on top of each other up to a certain height. If they go above the yellow and black line then it is game over. There is a bomb now and again that you can drop onto the existing items if you get a bit stuck. They do not appear often though so it is sometimes a big relief to see one.

You start with the different colored potions but after a while new shapes will appear that you will need to match and the game gets increasingly harder. It is useful later to see on the top right hand side the next set of potions or items that will appear at the top so that you can plan out where to put them.

After a while the bottom of your display starts getting chaotic as a number of the different items get harder to match up. This is where the stress starts to build.

The game uses the keyboard only and here are a list of the simple controls

Left and Right Arrow Keys Simply move the current items left or right
Down Arrow Key Drop the current items onto the pile below
Up Arrow Key Rotate the current items round to match the pile below

The points mount up the more of the pile you manage to make disappear and as new items are removed they give you higher points. The bottles go up in points from green, yellow, orange and purple, then to green leaf, brown log, red pumpkin, blue and white egg etc.

It also gets harder playing the game because when the three or more new items disappear they leave behind an item of one level higher. For example, three logs will disappear to leave a red pumpkin. This begins to get quite hard to handle later in the game and the strategy appears to be to remove as many as you possibly can at first. Later you try and plan out which ones are more likely to be grouped together and remove the harder ones as quickly as possible. The bomb is definitely your friend when it appears, just aim it toward the part of the pile that you would find extremely hard to match up.

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