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Bloxorz is a fun challenging and addictive puzzle game. You must use strategic thinking to pass the levels here. There are 33 stages packed of fun and challenging puzzles.

The goal of each level is to pass your block through the hole at the end of each stage. Moving the block around is simple by using the arrow keys. Don't fall off the edge or the level will restart again. Bridges and switches will be just some of your obstacles in this fun addictive game. However you won't need to stay resting on a switch to keep a bridge closed.

There are two types of switches- Hard and Soft. The soft ones only need a part of your block to open the bridge, but the hard ones need much more pressure to open them. Careful with orange tiles if your block lands on its end vertically it will fall through it and the level will restart.

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Can you make a rectangular box disappear down a square hole? Yes, by playing Bloxorz Puzzle! Bloxorz Puzzle is one of the most amazing and challenging puzzle games you will ever come across. This small piece of poetry best describes the game: Bloxor-z went through a maze to find a tiny gutter, one little part went off the edge and Bloxy came tumbling after.

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. The game screen has a small rectangular block, resting on a maze that seems to be floating in space. The objective of the game is to get the block to fall into a tiny square gutter. Once that happens, you move on to the next stage to fall into another square gutter.
2. The block can be moved around the maze using the arrow keys. To move around, the block rolls over if it is resting horizontally and topples over if it is standing on one of its ends.
3. There are different switches in the game which get activated on being pressed down by the block. The switches are toggle type, i.e. the block does not have to rest on the switch to keep it activated.
4. There are 2 types of switches in the game soft round shaped ones and heavy X shaped ones. The soft round switches are easier to operate. They get activated if any part of the block presses it. The heavy X switches need more force to operate and so the block needs to be standing on one of its end to activate it.
5. The switches operate bridges, which connect two or more isolated pieces of the floating maze. Every switch may behave differently when activated. Some will toggle the bridges from open to close to open every time they are activated. Some switches can be operated only once, i.e. once operated, their action cannot be undone. The bridge tile will flash green if it being constructed and red if demolished.
6. There are orange colored tiles in some of the stages. These tiles are fragile, compared to the rest of the maze and will give way if the block stands up on one of its end. Therefore, the block always has to be resting horizontally when passing through these tiles.
7. There is another types of switch shaped like a ring split in half. Pressing on it splits the block into two smaller blocks, and teleports them to two different locations. These blocks can be controlled independently and will rejoin to form a single block when placed next to each other.
8. You can choose which of the two smaller blocks to control by using the spacebar key. Small blocks can operate the soft round switches, but are not heavy enough to activate the heavy X switches. 9. Only the original block can go through the exit hole.
10. It is a good idea to note the password for each stage, which is displayed at the top right corner, just above the number of moves. This should help you to continue from the last played stage in case you chose to play another time.

How to play:
Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the block and the spacebar to toggle between which of the smaller blocks to control.

The game has simple and remarkable graphics. The rusty box, rolling over and falling off the edge of a floating platform, into nothingness and the maze being pulled apart piece by piece when that happens all of this adds to a wonderful gaming experience.

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