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This cute puzzle game is played by drawing a line between the blobs to clear them from the board. Draw a line between 3 or more same color blobs to remove them from the board.

A remove of 6 or more blobs will give you a bomb in which you can use to remove mass amounts of blobs. Multicolored blobs that you see are wildcard blobs and will match any other color blob so use them wisely. The game continues to play until you have no blobs or bombs to use to clear the board.

There are three fun styles of play to keep things interesting for you. Infinite keeps you playing as long as you have groups and bombs to use. Timed play means that you must beat the clock and get the highest score you can before the time runs out. Skull style is similar to infinite adding in skulls for blobs to use.

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Children can get addicted to games at a very young age. Though there are a lot of puzzles and games that can quite disturb your child's academic system, there are many that in fact aid to a better concentration as well as focused learning. Puzzles have always proved to be advantageous and have stricken a chord well with children of all age groups. A puzzle provides the best entertainment along with activating memory power.

Bomboozle is one such game with its very colorful icons and faces that can instigate enthusiasm in children. The game is quite simple to play and the difficulty increases with the increase in levels. There are two versions of the game, Bomboozle and Bomboozle 2. The game can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or iPads, which makes it a convenient game to be played on the move. The sounds and music that plays in the background in itself is quite simple and soothing thus encouraging the user at every step to proceed and complete the game. The attractive smiley blobs comes in different shapes and colors mainly: blue, violet, red, green and yellow giving it a 'fun and frolic' touch to it.

The game rules:
The game displays a set of blobs all mixed up to form the puzzle. The trick is to connect the similar colored blobs by pointing the pencil and clicking on the blob you would like to start with. Then drag the pencil all the way till the blob that you would want to clear. This would cause an explosion, causing all the similar colored blogs to clear and new blobs to drop down in place. A minimum of three blobs should be cleared in a particular line. There are multicolored blobs that suits with any blob and can help clear a particular blob set or line. If you succeed in clearing a set of 6 or more blobs, you are rewarded with a bomb. This bomb can help you clear a number of blobs at one click. The more number of bombs you collect, the easier it would be for you to clear stacks of blobs. When the numbers of blobs diminish and there are no more sets or bombs to clear the game ends. An option to save your scores allows you to challenge your friends to a better duel!

The game specifications:
The game can be played in three different modes:
a) The Infinite mode: There are no time restrictions to this mode and the game allows you to make a top score.
b) Timed: This mode comes with a time restriction of '999' seconds which makes the game all the more challenging.
c) Skulls: Here the games graduated to a more taxing level, where in pairing up just three blobs in a row can create a skull in the place which further can be cancelled out only by similar skulls in the same line or by a bomb explosion.
The game ends when the numbers of skulls increase and no more blobs can be cancelled out.

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