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Challenge yourself with this fun puzzle game, clear the field by matching 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Aim your colored bubble at its match to make matches of 3 or more and make the bubbles disappear, the more bubbles you clear the higher your score goes.

Separating bunches of bubbles from the field in one shot will help you clear the board quicker and easier. Clearing the board of all the bubbles is the only way to win or advance to the next level so make your move carefully. If the bubbles fill the field you lose.

In Multiplayer mode you must clear the field of bubbles before your opponent does. If you do complete the level before your opponent then you will get his/her score as a bonus to yours. Master your bubble skills to beat your opponent and have fun playing this challenging flash puzzle game.

  Bubblez Walkthrough

This interesting puzzle is an aim and click. The player has to shoot colored bubble to eliminate three or more same colored bubbles using left mouse button which will cause new bubbles to appear. The objective is to eliminate all the bubbles before bubbles touch the base of the game play screen.

This is an addicting puzzle game with simple logic and twisted game play. The game play screen includes a bubble shooter in the middle of the base of the game screen. In order to clear off the playing field, you must destroy as much bubbles as you can in single click. This will cause exploded bubbles to reform at the top of playing field and the whole arrangement of bubbles moves down towards the base. All the bubbles are arranged in two-dimensional hexagonal packing and moves in alternating diagonal direction. As soon as the bubbles touch the base of the screen, the game is over.

The challenge is to eliminate all the bubbles and prevent new ones from forming. When no bubbles got eliminated, new bubbles will not be generated and you can use this as your advantage by adding three or more bubbles to a single one because new bubbles will not appear as long as there is no elimination. One has to think through the best strategy and plan every move for eliminating them fast. There is no time limit so you have plenty of time to think. The trick to complete the level is to eliminate bubbles at the top of the game screen so that new bubbles can not be formed on top of them. Once topmost bubble is gone, new bubbles will not be formed in that area but will be distributed among the rest.

You can also reflect the bubbles by the shooting at the walls of game play screen to eliminate bubbles which are not coming directly in the line of course of the shooter. Here you can apply simple laws of reflection. Destroying the topmost bubble of a single color will also destroy bubbles of any other color sticking at the bottom of them. When all the bubbles are eliminated, the player will go to next level. As the game progresses the level of difficulty also increases. Different levels have different colored bubbles and as the level increases, the number of colors and density of arrangement also increases making it more challenging.

Every new level starts with more bubbles at the beginning. In multi-player mode, you have to complete the level before your opponent does and you will get opponent's score as a bonus. This game will improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving and shooting skills. It prevents boredom and simultaneously prepares our brain to think of different approaches to achieve a single goal. It creates deeper understanding of logic and enhances long-term memory and concentration. You can relax and enjoy this shooting puzzle game at no cost. Its a simple game yet interesting one. Happy gaming!

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