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Click Maze 2

  Game Instructions:

Play the new and improved version of Click maze now with more challenges and better graphics. The same rules apply as in Click maze except that the cursor is not affected by the black walls or objects.

It is all in the click of the mouse; guide your red ball through the maze with your mouse without hitting the black walls or objects. If you hit a wall or object you will lose a life, lose all your lives and start back at level one again. To avoid hitting a wall make sure you draw in a direct line to reach the end and the next level.

Complete the puzzle in the amount of clicks set or less and get a bonus. The less clicks and the more lives you have left at the end of a level the higher your score will be. How far can you make it through the game?

  Click Maze 2 Walkthrough

Free online games are here to stay. One has to logon to a gaming website and start playing to while away time. Many websites are free to register with, while few of them offer greater games for players without ads when they upgrade to paid subscriptions. One such interesting free online game is Click Maze 2.

Click Maze 2 is updated version of original Click Maze, so that the black walls or objects do not affect cursor spot. This is basically a mouse click game and as level increases one may have to find different ways to minimize clicks and reach destination, which is Red ball. Reaching red ball is easier in the first five levels. This is an engaging game that can be very absorbing and also improve reaction levels of a person. Being able to devise a strategy that can get your ball past hammers or moving lines or hammering balls needs an alert mind. People who are quick at hand and coming up with strategies will like this game instantly.

Instructions are simple for Click Maze 2, one has to click on the mouse spot to bring their ball to that position. Minimizing clicks earns greater points, hitting walls or objects coming in way will cost one a life. Game starts with three lives in hand. Level 4 where hammers are timed with different speeds, may need one to break the straight course into two. Following minimal optimization is the key to earn points. People with greater accuracy or click speeds may find a correct timing at which level can be crossed with one click.

Earning Points:
Total score for Click Maze 2 is calculated as sum of level crossing points and bonus points calculated according to remaining number of clicks that are allowed for that level. Allowed clicks for a level will be displayed before the game for that level starts, if one is able to finish it within allowed clicks, they get ten points each for clicks saved over 100. This bonus point is then multiplied by number of lives to arrive at total bonus score for that level. Puzzle games are a great way to enhance one's alertness.

Difficulty in Levels:
Higher levels will obviously be tougher to handle within specified clicks. Level 6 of Click Maze 2 will be little difficult to deal with moving lines that cannot be afford to touch and spiked objects that claim one's life. This can become a fast paced game once level 6 is crossed. Many a gamers may get stuck at some level of difficulty. But every level can be crossed with precise timing and proceeded to conquer all ten levels.

Who can play Click Maze 2:
This game can be played by people of any age. It keeps one, on their alert best. One may be very engrossed in this game that they would hardly notice time that was spent into playing it. It is perfect game when one has lots of time with no work or recreation to look forward to. People, who find it boring or do not like it are ones who do not like fast paced games.

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