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  Game Instructions:

This simple progressive puzzle game will test your skills over and over again throughout each level. Detonate groups of 3 or more same color blocks to win the level.

The bigger the group the bigger the bonus you will receive. Clear a certain amount of lines per level to clear that level. The more lines you clear the higher your score will be. The amount more cleared lines you have at the end of the level the bigger your end of level bonus will be.

Make sure that you have left very few lines at the bottom of the field with each level to get a bigger bonus. The higher your level the more lines you must clear. As you progress in levels you will start to receive bombs to help you either clear blocks or in some cases colored bombs will clear their same color blocks. Detonate and clear to win the game.

  Drop Blocks Walkthrough

Whiling away time is easier when one is hooked to free online games website. Few websites let some players play without registration, while a few prompt for registration or upgrade in order to play puzzle games of greater difficulty or popular choice. A must play free online puzzle game is Drop Blocks.

What is Drop Blocks Puzzle Game:
Drop blocks game is simple and yet a good activity for one's brain and eye. One has to be on the look out for same colored blocks and click them as soon as they spot at least three of them. This detonation results in collapse of blocks above and beside them. Bonus points are earned as and when one detonates more than three blocks by clicking them. This is basically a mouse control game. People with faster eye and hand co-ordination are able to spot the colored blocks easily. This game becomes fast paced as one climbs higher levels.

How to Play:
Left clicking on the colored blocks will detonate them. One may have to be very alert in order to spot coming lines that may match already present colored blocks. One should keep a look out for pairs of blocks that may get isolated when one focuses at the bottom. It is good to start detonation from top to avoid left out pairs. These pairs may form a vertical tower, that may cause a game to end. A game ends when any of piled up vertical line of blocks touches the other end. First level is easy as the lines are added slowly at the bottom. In total 25 lines will be added and a user's duty is to detonate as many blocks as possible without letting the piled up pairs or single line of blocks finish the game.

Method of Awarding points for Drop Box Puzzle Game:
When one detonates three blocks, they are awarded three points, but when one detonates more than three, they are awarded additional bonus points. The bonus points, doubles and triples as number of same colored blocks detonated increases. At the end of 25 lines, the number of free lines that are devoid of piled up blocks in the play area, from top will fetch 50 points each. So, total points awarded will be sum of points earned by detonating and points earned for free lines counted from finish line.

How is Level of difficulty:
Levels of difficulty for Drop Box puzzle games, are set by pace of lines that are coming at the bottom and also by increase in number of lines that one has to play. Until all the lines are added, one has to keep detonating greater number of blocks, taking care not to leave out single or pair of blocks that may touch the other end of play area, since lines keep incrementing. Second level will need one to play with 27 lines.

Who Gets to Win Drop Box Puzzle Games:
Players who have a flair and keen eye for details will be victorious in Drop Blocks puzzle game. This can be a great stress busting game for adults and a great past time for kids and teens to improve their alertness levels.

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