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Isoball 2

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Isoball 2 is a fun mind bending game of skill and strategy, a new improved version of the original Isoballs. Use the blocks and patterns to put the balls in the hole.

The new improved version of Isoball has different skins, conveyors and phase bridges. Time your moves to win the new levels that will challenge your brain. The tutorial will give you more tips that will help you to play and win.

Click to select the piece you wish to use, click again to rotate it if need be, click again to place it. The further in levels you go the more pieces you need to solve the puzzle. Click start to release the ball and to go on to the next level.

For every five levels you pass you get a bonus sand box level. Create your own complicated track, the longer your ball travels the higher your score will be.

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Isoball is back with a blast but this time it has gone digital and with fantastic new colors! Isoball 2 is the second part in the Isoball series; a series of great brain teasers which are immensly fun to play. Isoball is one of the most challenging puzzle games, where the goal is to precisely place ramps, bridges and turns to lay out a path to guide a ball into a hole and Isoball 2 just made it better!

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. You get to see a tutorial video when you first start the game. The game is very similar to its predecessor Isoball in gameplay, just much more fun!
2. Every level, you are provided with a combination of ramps, blocks, bridges and turns and you have to construct a 'smooth' surface using some or all of the pieces given to you. Remember, the ball will shatter if it falls even the slightest distance. So, make sure the path has no steps or jumps.
3. If you just want to remove a few of the puzzle pieces, use the eraser and click on the pieces you want removed.
4. If you want to start over, click on the reset button. It will remove all the puzzle pieces instantly from the screen. But be warned. It only resets the puzzle pieces, not the time!
3. Performance is measured by 3 parameters time bonus, skill bonus and piece bonus. Depending on the score, you are assigned one of ok, good, great and perfect rating for each of the parameters. Get perfect scores in all the 3 to get a 'perfect' total score.
5. After every four stages you reach a next point. If you fail to complete a stage in the stipulated time, you have to start over from the last checkpoint.

How to play:
The game is played using the mouse. When you click on the puzzle pieces at the bottom of the screen they stick to the cursor. Click on the game screen again to place them. Clicking on the puzzle icon repeatedly will rotate the pieces.

Isoball 2 has amazingly better graphics compared to its predecessor. Everything is more colorful and better looking. It is easier to plan your moves because instead of a time bar which runs out, you now have a digital clock, which keeps track of the time you have left! The shiny green game screen takes away the prize for the most incredible graphics!

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