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A Relaxing addictive puzzle game, goal of the game is to clear the board by removing as many colored lines as possible.

Remove blocks above the blue section first, removing blocks is very easy. Simply click on blocks that have the same color in a line and they will remove. For example if you have more than one pink set of blocks in a line click a pink block and the pink blocks will remove from that line.

Trying to remove blocks that don't have a match will result in a point penalty. You can earn maximum points by clearing with higher combinations of blocks. Try to remove all blocks to all the blocks to get an even higher score.

You must remove a certain number of lines to pass on to the next level. Try to get your name on the scoreboard by scoring as high as you can.

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Linyca has got to be one of the most relaxing puzzle games there is, mainly down to the soothing sounds that match each of the pieces in the game. The aim of Linyca is to remove as many of the lines of blocks as possible, ideally to remove all the blocks of each level. There are no timers and you can take your time on this game, leave it if you need to do something else and come back to it later.

On the game screen there is an area at the bottom that has a darker blue background, all the lines above this have to be cleared to be able to go to the next level. As you click any of the blocks in a line then all other blocks in that line of the same color will disappear. If you are unfortunate enough to click on a block that does not have any similar colors on that line then you will get fined, your points will go down.

The ideal position at the end of each level is to reach the bottom without leaving any blocks at all. This requires a little bit of planning and you find yourself working out a number of moves you have to make to be able to get an empty screen at the end. This is where the game does become surprisingly complex for a simple idea.

On the right hand side there are a number of combos available to you to get higher scores. Starting with the seemingly impossible, full line combo where you get this when you remove a full line at once. To the more attainable half line combo, this is where you get a bonus if you manage to remove half a line of blocks in one go. Below that are the color combos, where a number of colors are available to you to be able to increase your scores with bonuses. If you hit any of the color five times then you have achieved the bonus. The color combos can be released time and time again.

The left hand mouse button is all you need to complete this game, just click on the block you wish to remove from the line and all the others with the same color will disappear too.

There are a number of strategies to use on game and you will find you will end up alternating them as you play. The easiest is to start from the top line and work your way down taking care to make sure all the blocks can be removed by the time you reach the bottom. However, this will not get you any higher scores, but with the sounds matching the colors as you play sometimes you don't care because you are relaxing anyway.

Another strategy may be to try and remove particular colors in order; maybe catching the color combos and later if you are lucky enough to remove different colors from a line hitting the line combos as you get to the bottom. Maybe you just want to go for the chaotic strategy of hitting any of them that come to your eye, possibly even making a tune or two as you play.

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